Online Marketing Workshops

Social Media Workshops, Conversion Optimization Training, and Google Ads Training. We acknowledge that with the rapidly growing and changing online tools, sometimes to keep up with the latest trends. That is why we created special workshops to educate teams or individuals who are eager to dive into the specificities of online marketing. The courses are given at your location. but can also be scheduled through Zoom or Skype.

Individual one-on-one training

€75,- / session

During the so-called 'One-on-One' training we like to help you understand some of the issues you are facing or teach you the beginnings of Social Media Advertisement, Social Media Training, or Data Analytics. This training can be given virtually or face to face depending on the preference and distance. Eacht sessions are 1.5 hours.

Group training

(max. 5 persons)

€300,- / session


Next to our individual training it is possible to do a group session. These group sessions will take 2 hours and can be about any topic related to online marketing strategy and ads. Based on your input we will recommend you a number of sessions. These trainings can be given online or in your own office (beamer or TV should be present).


(5+ persons)

€750,- / session


The larger the group the more difficult to answer every single question. These session will usually take up to 3 to 4 hours and are often executed on location (beamer or TV should be present). These workshops are often very interactive which means they are ideal for full teams and fun activity to increase knowledge.

* All prices are ex. VAT